Looking For That Diamond in the Rough?

The Black Diamonds are a revolutionary new series of crapemyrtles that will provide you with numerous options to add color throughout your outdoor living and landscape areas across three seasons.  They are intermediate in their growth habit, approximately reaching 10’ to 12’ tall and 8' wide.  Attractive black foliage will emerge in early spring and persist until late fall on all 5 varieties in the series.  The large, bright blooms will emerge in late spring and last through late fall.  This combination of unique, attractive foliage and bright, contrasting blooms will add color to your landscape in all seasons except winter. 

The Black Diamonds can be grown in a patio planter to go by the pool or on your deck for a summer filled with color.  Their intermediate height and bushy growth habit makes them great candidates for a blooming hedge.  They will also work well in a more traditional, specimen application such as lining the driveway or fence row.

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